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Why use TerseTag?

We're from the internet generation, but we understand why some people hate it when others speak tersely, whether it's #chatting #texting or #tweeting. But when you're using social marketing, speaking shortly is a good thing. What's a website worth if no one remembers how to get there?

TerseTag offers 2 things: a QR code and a short, memorable tag that links to more info. Many people use QR codes in their campaigns, but studies show this isn't a foolproof solution. Some people don’t know how to scan QR codes because it can be technologically intimidating and unfamiliar. To address this, TerseTag offers short, memorable tags that people can quickly write down and lookup later, tapping into a simple and familiar act that we all have done by writing down someone’s phone number or email address.

With TerseTag, your message is both innovative and effective. Give your customers something they'll remember.

TerseTags get more traffic to your website, because telling someone to lookup #tersetag is easier than saying "go to for more information". The same goes for and, those services are great for shortening URLs, but not so great for sharing by word of mouth, on TV, or on the radio when your audience can only remember so much.

Help your customers out, say more with #less.

4 Reasons to use TerseTag:

It's Easy to Use

  • You create tags and share them. Your customers see tags and look them up. It's that simple.
  • Tags are much easier to share and remember than long, complicated URLs.

It's Effective

  • Tags are easy to share online and offline through word of mouth.
  • Tags are memorable—if your customers see or hear your tag, they can easily remember or jot it down to look it up later.
  • TerseTag increases traffic to your link.

It's Useful

  • Each tag comes with a handy QR code that customers can scan to get to your info.
  • TerseTag provides ad-free landing pages, printable flyers, custom landing pages (Terse Pages), and analytics.
  • Use tags for anything. Use your name as the tag linking to your contact info for meeting new people. Share a link to your Craigslist ad with more info about your car for sale. The possibilities are endless.

It's Smart

  • Tags are trackable, so they can replace those impossible to remember bitly, owly, and other URL shorteners.
  • Find out how many people are looking up your tag each day.

TerseTag offers three levels of service: basic, individual, and corporate, starting as low as free!

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