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The Team

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Steven Pungdumri (#steven)

Founder & Engineer

Steven has a masters degree in computer engineering from Cal Poly. At TerseTag, he wears many hats—from development on the server and client side, design, marketing, and sales. In life, he ♥'s coffee, beer, and dogs. Not all at once.

Steven hopes to change the world.

Andrew Foong (#andrew)

Co-Founder & Engineer

Andrew has a degree in computer science from Cal Poly. At TerseTag, there is no technical challenge he hasn't conquered, and he intends to keep it that way. In life, he ♥'s rock climbing, Graa, and the Oxford Comma (don't judge him).

Andrew hopes to make a difference.

Jason Jay Sharma (#jason)

Business Development

Jason has an MBA with a concentration in Management from Cal Poly. At TerseTag, he's helping to shape the marketing and business strategy. In life, he's like Wikipedia—a ton of interesting, useful/less knowledge that he ♥'s sharing.

Jason hopes to do it all.